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Even though a battle was never fought in Alexandria, the location was crucial to the defense of Washington, DC. and holds the record as being the longest military occupied town in our country. It was the site of the Marshall House Hotel where Colonel Elmer Ellsworth - the first officer to die in the Civil War - was killed and it was the location of the Mansion House Hospital, one of 14 hospitals in the town with another 14 hospitals in the outlying area, where doctors and nurses faced many challenges in their efforts to treat the wounded soldiers - challenges that led to advances in medical science and women's rights. .


For an in depth talk about life in Alexandria from April 17. 1861 thru April 9, 1865, join our Walking Tour being offered on Saturdays departing the Ramsay House Visitor Center at 11:30 am.

COST: Adults $10.00/person, ages 12-17 $5.00/person.

During the tour you will hear what happened at some sites during the Union Occupation, the Mansion House Hospital, the doctors who treated the wounded soldiers, the difficulties faced by the nurses, as well as the Green family and the true story of Frank Stringfellow. The tour will end at the Carlyle House, site of the Mansion House Hospital.